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Dear friends,

  let us to introduce you a new collection of our car equipment products and accessories, first-aid kits and emergency kits. Our company, D.A.S. Polička, is manufacturer in this industry since 1991. Every year, we supply the market with
a new or an innovated product created as a result of our experience and practice.
   As to the category of classical first-aid kits, we have come up with an alternative case – a smaller plastic case
and a PE-case with euro opening.
   In the category of car tow ropes, we offer a new and modern way of fixing the rope without metal hooks or eyes, providing much easier manipulation and preventing damage of the car body. These car tow ropes comply with the German standard DIN.
  As to the category of mats to be put under the registration plate we have come up with a revolutionary technical solution for the tie-pad regarding its form as well as its safe and easy fixing; there are also various colour options: black, silver, chromium and carbon black.
   In the category “safety on the road” we can offer you an absolute novelty on the market: special first-aid kit for drivers, both for usual driving and use as well as for professional drivers. This product was tested successfully in several companies acting in the business of truck transport. There is another new product in the sphere of safety: fire extinguisher 400 ml by Sanex which was developed as a result of state-of-the-art technologies in order to provide 100% efficiency when being manipulated in any position.

   Nowadays, there is more and more stress on compliance with safety and health, requiring from all facilities to be equipped with first-aid means not only by law, government regulations and EU standards, setting out those obligations directly, but this fact is also supported by activities of the respective state control authorities that perform extensive inspections.
   Due to the aforesaid facts, our company D.A.S. Polička merged with Dr. Řádek, PURUS-MEDA, s.r.o. and Mediplast Jilemnice in 2006, following the aim to create first-aid products with great stress on high quality, elegance, efficiency, flexibility and conditions set out by the respective laws. When designing the contents of the kits, professionalism and experience of Pharm.Dr. Pavel Řádek was utilized to a great extent because Mr Řádek is one of our leading experts
in the sphere of sanitary goods and drugs. Dressings as well as sticking plasters are made of a high quality material with anti-allergic effects. All medical preparations, i.e. ointments, tablets or thixotropic nutrients are also made of natural material only, having a high biological availability of agents and multi-functional use, efficiency and specific production, which makes these products really unique and irreplaceable.
   Our emergency kits and first-aid kits are designed to address the most extensive needs of use. From workplaces using open fire, steam, dusty, workplaces using solutions and aerosols to workplaces in heights with a high risk of head injuries, slipping, haematoma, or in woods, in fields, in open ground. Furthermore, there are first-aid kits especially designed for cyclists, hikers, drivers, golf players, army and police.

   We hope we have addressed your needs with our products and we are looking forward to cooperating with you in future.

   Lubomír Demel, D.A.S. Polička